Welcome to the ALfheim Online Wikia!

This wiki is dedicated to supporting players throughout their journey in ALfheim Online, a game made by ROBLOX developers Rukiryo and MasterOfTheElements (or MOTE). On the wiki, we intend on supplying information to those in need of it. Our goal is to keep track of all the new content and updates added to the game.

About ALfheim Online

ALfheim Online (often abbreviated as ALO), is a game developed on ROBLOX by users Rukiryo and MasterOfTheElements, and based off of Sword Art Online.

A testing version of the game was released in April of 2015, and on June 26th 2015, the game was released in its Beta stage to the public.

More content is constantly being added into the game! Are we missing a page on something? Tell us, or write the page yourself! The wiki is free for anyone to edit, but please do not vandalize pages.

A Brief Guide to Editing the Wiki

Thinking of editing a page or making your own? We strive to provide the best possible pages filled with all the information you need. However, if this is your first time contributing to the wiki, please read this.

First, thank you! It's great that you're editing the wiki, and we all appreciate it. Hopefully this won't take up too much of your precious time.

If you're thinking of making a page, do a quick wiki search to make sure that the page doesn't already exist. If it does, please don't make a new one, but instead edit the old page. Having duplicate pages tends to clutter up the wiki, and it's best to keep it as clean as possible.

Once you're in edit mode, you're free to do whatever you want to the page. However, please follow these guild-lines:

If you're writing about an item, please try to keep your description brief. A complete item page shows the item statistics, where it can be obtained, and has a picture of the item. If it doesn't have a picture, feel free to take a picture and add one yourself. I personally recommend using Gyazo, a free software that works perfectly for things like this. Try NOT to include your character in the picture.

Perhaps you're writing about a new monster, instead? If this is the case, your page should include the following:

1) A good picture of the mob, and JUST the mob.

2) An estimation of its maximum health.

3) A list of items that it can drop.

Finally, if you're instead writing about an in-game zone, your page should have a good description of the floor, with important details listed, as well as references to stuff on the floor. A good picture is always a nice thing to have, and for floors, the best pictures would be an overhead one taken while flying, that shows the majority of the map.

And I hate to be that guy, but try to keep your pages neat. Fix up any typos you may make and try to use the best grammar you can (UGHHHH). The effort really does help :P

Thanks! We hope to see you flying in the world of ALfheim!

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